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How important is it for you to move on with your life? Do you find that you are your own worst enemy? Why do we so often sabotage the success we long for? The answer is not letting go of our past. Freeing ourselves from our previous choices can be the difference between staying stuck in emotional pain and rising up to become the person God created you to be. What do you want to do? How desperate are you to change? Are you ready to start dealing with the pain and find true healing? TURN THE PAGE is not a feel-good story, but a roll-up-your-sleeves, down and dirty look at moving on and letting go. Hall of Fame Speaker and bestselling author Steve Gilliland helps you connect the dots to your self-defeating behavior, then gives you practical how-to advice about letting go and feeling peaceful. Turning the page is a powerful first step to freedom.

Steve Gilliland


Steve Gilliland is a prolific, accomplished author, evidenced by his being named Author of the Year. His books Enjoy The Ride, Making a Difference, Hide Your Goat and Detour were all listed on the publisher’s bestseller list. In addition to his achievements as an author, he is one of the most sought-after and top-rated speakers in the world, supported by his induction into the Speaker Hall of Fame, an honor bestowed on only 232 men and women worldwide since 1977. He was named one of the top 10 Motivational Speakers in 2015 by eSpeakers from over 9,000 candidates. Recognized as a master storyteller and brilliant comedian, he can be heard daily on SiriusXM Radio’s Laugh USA. He built a multimillion-dollar company from the ground up, which the Pittsburgh Business Times named one of the fastest growing privately held companies in the region. Speaking to more than 250,000 people a year, he influences the lives of millions through his presentations and books.



The word THIS in the title refers to you, dear reader. How motivated are you on any given day? One of the biggest challenges we face today in business and in life is staying optimistic and motivated to be at our best for more than just a few days. Well…no need to fear, Motivate This! is here! According to Steve Rizzo, if you implement his Common Sense Success Strategies, you will discover Increased Productivity, Greater Enthusiasm and New Levels of Success. We go through the course of our lives and allow circumstances, events, situations and people to suck the energy right out of us, says Rizzo. With the right strategies, all of us have the ability to bounce back, take control and forge ahead. This book is filled with Rizzo’s unique brand of humor, insightful stories and mind-altering strategies that can elevate your overall degree of motivation, regardless of your circumstances. It’s an indispensable tool for maximizing your personal and professional success and happiness.

Steve Rizzo


You can’t attend one of Steve Rizzo’s keynote speeches or seminars or read his books and leave with the same attitude. He’s a personal development expert, comedian, motivational speaker and bestselling author. He was named a Showtime Comedy All-Star, and his immensely popular PBS special brought him into millions of homes. It’s no surprise that he’s been inducted into the Speaker Hall of Fame, an honor bestowed upon fewer than 232 speakers worldwide since 1977. Steve’s extensive client list includes American Airlines, JP Morgan Chase, AT&T, the CIA (Yeah, that’s right, The Central Intelligence Agency!), Burger King and many more.

VISION MINDSET GRIT: How To Stand Up When Life Paralyzes You


Scott Burrows’ amazing true story of strength and perseverance through personal tragedy. Rare are those individuals who can truly inspire others to the core and move them to action. Scott Burrows is one of those people. His riveting story of overcoming adversity through sheer determination, will power and goal setting is mesmerizing and uplifting. VISION MINDSET GRIT — How to Stand Up When Life Paralyzes You is more than the story of Scott’s determination to overcome enormous obstacles and rebuild his life. It is a testament to his mission to inspire others to triumph over adversity as well. His message of hope and success resonates with audiences worldwide, motivating them to make positive changes in their own lives. Scott Burrows’ riveting story of overcoming incredible physical, personal and professional challenges through sheer determination, will power and goal setting encourages audiences to stand up to their own challenges regardless of circumstances.

Scott Burrows

Author, VISION MINDSET GRIT: How To Stand Up When Life Paralyzes You

A star athlete and fierce competitor, Scott played college football at Florida State University under legendary coach Bobby Bowden and was a top-ranked kick boxing champion whose last fight was broadcast by ESPN. On November 3, 1984, a serious automobile accident left him paralyzed from the chest down and diagnosed a quadriplegic. Despite his grim diagnosis, Scott refused to be sidelined! He took control of his life by implementing three powerful principles: Vision, Mindset and Grit. Through painstaking focus and unshakable optimism, Scott boosted his recovery and achieved seemingly unattainable results that astonished doctors, therapists, family and friends alike!

WORDS TO LIVE BY: Quotable Wisdom & Inspiration


If you are at a loss for words, this is a superb collection of Steve Gilliland’s most popular quotations, acute insight and keenest wit. This hugely popular best-selling author compiles his quotable wisdom and telling phrases in a pleasantly readable book. WORDS TO LIVE BY™ is a wonderful resource for business meetings, opening remarks, email signatures and speeches of any kind. It contains over 150 insightful, thought-provoking and inspiring aphorisms. The perfect source for reference, repartee and daily living.

Steve Gilliland

Author, WORDS TO LIVE BY: Quotable Wisdom & Inspiration

In addition to his brilliant speaking career, Steve is a prolific, accomplished author, evidenced by four of his books—Enjoy The Ride, Making a Difference, Hide Your Goat and Detour—perennially making the publisher’s bestseller list and his being named Author of the Year. His thought-provoking writing style makes his articles a favorite with nationally prominent magazines. He influences the lives of millions through his presentations, books, CDs and DVDs. An extensive array of these products has been utilized by small businesses, Fortune 500 companies, U.S. and Canadian government agencies, churches, school districts and nonprofit organizations. Speaking the language of active business leaders, his books and CDs identify practical lessons that grow people and their businesses.

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