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MY HEALING COOKBOOKLET: Recipes for Restoration and Good Health


We all need to eat to stay alive. We have so many choices about what to fill our bodies with and the rampant advertising of all the fast food and treats may make it hard to make healthy food decisions.I get it. I grew up in the 70s when consuming processed food was the norm and I ate my fair share of Ho Hos, Twinkies, Oreo’s, sugared cereal, Kraft Macaroni and cheese and more but as I grew up and learned a little about nutrition, I set about a course to discover what kinds of foods I should be eating. Since our bodies take us through our daily lives, why not treat it to really good food with which to fuel us and power our bodies. This cookbooklet is a small group of recipes that I made up after YEARS of cooking for myself, family and friends. These don’t include any real entrée type items but are more teas, small plates, appetizers and sweets along with some wellness items. I don’t 100% prescribe to any one type of diet. I am not a vegetarian. Basically, if you have read about Eating like a Greek and filling your body with foods from the Mediterranean, then you will find a lot of familiar ingredients here. Eating Extra Virgin Olive Oil, berries and citrus, onions, garlic, herbs, yogurt, green vegetables, olives, nuts and beans with some grass-fed meats and fresh wild seafood are all part of a healthy diet. I enjoy all of those things however there aren’t any meat or fish recipes in here. There also isn’t any grain or bread type of foods. Again, I do eat some bread and am really trying to master bread baking, I mostly adhere to a ketogenic diet where I am limiting my carbohydrate intake which include grains. I believe you will find my cracker “hack” a really tasty one! So, this collection of recipes will showcase real food. If you mainly consume whole, fresh and organic ingredients instead of heavily processed and packaged “food” you will be a healthier person mentally and physically. I guarantee it!  – Marsha Cassel

Marsha Cassel

Author, MY HEALING COOKBOOKLET: Recipes for Restoration and Good Health

I guess I have always been a farm girl at heart and now am living the life. My husband and I have an 18 acre farm in Southwest Pennsylvania where we tend to bees and chickens plus our house pets and are making a real homestead. We grow tons of produce from seed, plant and harvest and share the bounty and are trying to live more self sufficiently every day. I am an avid food preserver and through drying, fermenting, canning, freeze-drying, maple sap boiling and harvesting honey and comb, we can really explore the whole aspect of farm to table. Homesteading is definitely a “learn something every day” kind of life and along the way, I have greatly expanded my knowledge on culinary and healing plants. I’ve been cooking for 30 years and decided with the full circle of having a farm and culinary experience, I should start writing and share what I know and keep learning. I am an avid lifestyle blogger on my website and look forward to sharing more of what I learn with you.